Health Startups Disrupting The Industry

As the world gets smaller, the medical field marches forward and we have all become patients now.

For better or worse, the medical industry, for many years the stocks and shares rival to technology, has flipped the match over and is now fighting above its weight.

Medical advances are now firmly in the area of technology, and the giants that control the technology industry are now medical giants as well.

This alliance of technology and medicine is seen by many as an area of investment as the share prices of many health startups are seeing skyrocketing performance.

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Genome Technology

One to look out for in 2021 and beyond are companies that specialise in genome technologies.

Rapid throughput sequencing of DNA, pioneered by the Human Genome Project brought a whole new technology to the industry.

Now, whole genomes can be elucidated in a fraction of the time it took just a few years prior.

This is allowing a new era of research that previously was not capable of being done in the timescales that are available to researchers now.

Genome technology is one to keep an eye out for if you are an investor.

Neurodegenerative Disease Research

We live with an aging population.

As medical research advances, the percentage of the population making it ever graeter ages increases.

This is leading to a need to treat hitherto rare diseases that were uncommon in decades earlier.

Research into neurodegenerative diseases will become an area of research that is hotly followed, so be ready to take advantage of this.

Medical Data Interpretation

A new era is advancing in how we look at data. As more and more data becomes available to medical researchers, the way that this data can be used will necessarily change.

You’ll have heard of big-data, usually in association with the social media tech gants, but expect this to come to the field of medicine as well.

More and more data is becoming available, and more and more companies are managing to get their hands on this data.

This obviously has significant implications for personal privacy.

Regardless of this, the individual may well be made to step aside for corporate advancement sin the name of medical science.

The Future

The future of medicine is technology based.

The days of your visiting doctor may well be over, and it’s a foreseeable future where those personal touches, that human interaction is taken out of medicine for ever.

Whether this is a good thing for our mental health or not remains to be clear.

Regardless of that, it would be naive to assume that technology will not stamp its mark on medicine.

The world is being changed by forces that we struggle to control, and medicine will change with it.