How to treat sore throats and coughs that interfere with natural and simple ingredients

Although it sounds trivial, sore throat is a very disturbing disease. Especially if you are in a very busy activity, or you are having to make a presentation on your work or education study, or even if you are at home still inflammation of the throat will disturb your comfort. If your activity is crowded and there is no free time to buy medicine at a pharmacy, you can buy medicine at an online pharmacy, one of the online pharmacies that I know is “canadian pharmacy” you can use to buy whatever your medical needs are.

Since ancient times, people have ways to treat a sore throat with a variety of herbal, natural, and easily found recipes around the house. We can still use this and still be a natural remedy in the present.

Inflammation of the throat is usually a term commonly used by lay people to refer to symptoms of a sore throat. Even though not all cases of sore throats can be called inflammation. A sore throat is usually caused more by a bacterial infection or viral infection. Most cases of a sore throat are the initial symptoms of flu and can be cured with natural ingredients in a relatively short time. But some others show more serious symptoms and need professional medical treatment.

Here we will provide some tips and how to treat a sore throat using natural ingredients that you can do to further speed up the treatment you are taking.

Gargle with salt water. Gargling with warm water dissolved in salt can help kill bacteria that cause inflammation.

Drink lemon honey tea. Lemon tea with a few spoonfuls of honey is also good to help soothe the throat. Lemon can help break down mucus and hot water will relax the throat muscles. While vitamin C and honey will increase the body’s immunity against bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation.

Drink turmeric milk. Warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder is a traditional medicine to fight infections and diseases that are exacerbated by immune deficiencies, including a sore throat. That’s because turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Drink lots of mineral water. A well-hydrated body is a condition for fighting infection. Therefore, make sure the liquid needs are always fulfilled with mineral water. In addition, the liquid also keeps the mucous membrane moist so that irritation of the throat and cough does not get worse.

Eat raw garlic. Garlic is an antibiotic and natural anti-inflammatory drug. So chew one to get the benefits.

That’s how to treat a sore throat quickly using natural ingredients.